Aquarius man

Aquarius male
Well, a challenge for any red-blooded woman. The Aquarius man is electric, attractive, interesting and so emotionally detached that seems unreal. He is very interested in humanitarian causes and his work absorbs him completely. He is attracted by people who stand out from the crowd and share his eclectic interests.

The Aquarius man brings a new perspective to life and love. But most of the time is too busy with his thoughts to forge a relationship. When involved in sex, he suddenly flees headlong in search of freedom or succumbs to a happy domesticity.

If you embrace him with your legs, the Aquarian man will turn on, even submerged in cold water. The result will be a passionate and exciting connection.

Intimate affinities of an Aquarius man

As an air sign, Aquarius man needs to communicate with his partner. So, the other air signs tune with him. He may consider the Gemini woman to be superficial for a serious and prolonged relationship, but he enjoys the sociability of Libra. His opposite number, Leo, usually causes explosive sparks that ignite his hidden passion. It is a combination that can work very well.

Scorpio represents a great challenge for an Aquarius man. A Scorpio woman is very sexy, something that will appeal to him, but is also deeply enigmatic, and then he will enjoy studying her motivations. Since she also needs time for introspection, they will respect their mutual desire of private space.

However, will he endure her jealousy? He is gregarious by nature and may feel stifled by the limitations imposed by this possessive sign. Earth signs return Aquarius man to solid ground.

He is not sure he wants to stay in it, but if Taurus woman or Virgo show him how to enjoy sensuality, he will stay to enjoy her body. A Capricorn woman, however, is too deep for him.
He flees in search of freedom.

aquarius men

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