Aquarius woman

aquarius women

Mia Farrow is aquarius.

The Aquarius – eccentric and anything but conventional – woman has great sexual charisma and enjoys the saucy sex.
This is an unusual woman. Almost surreal, peculiar or ultramodern, or she sympathizes with the latest trends and is far apart from the crowd unconventional interests.
She is her own, independent, bright, intelligent and carrier of a very sexual charisma. She knows what she wants and will pursue it with determination.

However, she can also be unpredictable. Quirky, eccentric and unconventional, she follows the dictates of her heart. If she wants to have an affair, she just has it. And when he finally finds her soul mate, she settles down, marries and get all domestic as if born to it.

Intimate affinities of a woman Aquarius

The Aquarius woman needs excitement and stimulation, but has her limits. The most active signs may try to force her to do things their own way. Signs overly passive or emotional bore her.
The Aquarius woman seeks for someone who will happily follow her imaginative approach to sex and accept does it her way.
Other air signs tend to tune with her. Libra man may be what she is looking for. He is relaxed and probably will follow her, but not as passive as to give in every time: there could be sparks.
Signs of fire excite and inspire her. She gets along well with Sagittarius men since they share dreams and penchant for philosophy.
Between the sheets, these two signs cause flares of passion. Aries man may also turn her on, but is usually too authoritarian for her taste.
Her opposite sign, Leo, exerts a powerful pull on her but often needs adulation and she cannot constantly make the effort to pumper his ego. Aquarius woman has too many interesting things on her mind.