Aries man

aries male
The Aries man is bold, direct and lustful, and looks for a woman who can satisfy his strong sexual needs, besides being an entertaining company. If his partner is passive, he will do everything in his power to excite her. However, if she is too quiet, he will soon lose interest. On the contrary, an excessive domination by his partner will be cause for argument. So, in a relationship there is only room for one Aries, because he likes to be in control.

When an Aries man feels the sting of desire, he will need to satisfy it urgently. A little risk, such as making love on the beach, will add chilling excitement to the sexual act. Drive him crazy stroking his neck.

Intimate affinities of an Aries man

Fire signs have the capacity to meet the demands of Aries and fuel their passion, but can be turned off if the relationship does not follow a proper pace. For the Aries man, the inventiveness of the air signs is stimulating, but they may find an overemphasis on the intellectual level extremely stressful. Their opposite sign, Libra, exerts a sensual fascination in the Aries man and is adaptable enough to keep their interest. Meanwhile, signs of water represent an enigma.

The Aries man does not want to share feelings, and the sensitive nature of water signs can be hurt by his apparent indifference. Pisces particularly disconcert an Aries man.

Earth signs tolerate their male sex drive but need more foreplay than the Aries man is willing to offer. He is impatient with Taurus, slow-burning and sexual fusion of Capricorn, but you may find that Virgo is able to keep up with him.

Aries man

Russell Crowe is Aries.