Aries woman

Aries women

Victoria Beckham is Aries.

Aries women find waiting for the man to make the first step in sex is nonsense. When Aries turns on, she will make her prey know she wants him.
Bold, aggressive, erotic and egocentric, Aries woman knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She likes to be on top! An Aries woman is not afraid to show her demanding erotic impulse or pursue the object of her affection (or desire). Usually, she takes the first step.
Confident and sure of herself, she imposes her needs. Therefore many of the most reserved signs consider her bossy, but also lively and fun; so, her potential candidates will be happy to be chosen by this predatory if she does not corner them too much.

Intimate affinities of an Aries woman

The right combination for this so lascivious woman is not very clear.
Taurus man is not venture in sex and he takes time to get aroused, so it will be difficult for him to satisfy the Aries woman. But if she waits for Taurus to be on, she will be more than satisfied with his stamina and sensuality.
Her reaction to signs of air is variable. The languid Libra man may be too relaxed, but she likes his sensuality. It is unlikely that the Aries woman is satisfied with a Gemini man: he talks so much that he has no time to catch her needs. Aries woman does not work well with another Aries since his dominant counterpart barely let her take the reins.
Although emotional water signs are out of reach, the irresistible sensuality of Cancer and Scorpio can turn her on. She will appreciate the sexual magnetism of Scorpio man, but perhaps his authoritarianism is too much for her. As men belonging to the water signs are less sensitive than women, the fact that Aries ignore their more refined feelings probably will not be as contentious.