Cancer and Aquarius Love Compatibility

A Cancer finds an Aquarius exceedingly mystifying, but that’s not strange considering that almost every Zodiac sign finds Aquarius’ outlook mysterious and unusual in some or the way. What’s worth knowing, though, is that Cancer finds Aquarius stranger than any other Zodiac sign.
Cancer guys will look up to the natives born under the zodiac sign Aquarius for what they are, and shall constantly try to emulate them. At first, it may seem that the two share nothing at all, and therefore cannot relate to each other. But, with time it becomes easy to see that every Cancer has a little bit of Aquarius in them. And, that’s rather nice!
The unconventional Aquarius are very sudden and shocking in their mannerisms, while the Crab are unusual in a dreamlike way, almost always slow.
On the face of it, the Crabs appear practical and sure about their moves, but there is a tint of unpredictability to them that makes them come across as mystical and bewitching as the Aquarius. However, the difference here lies in how this unpredictability manifests itself in the two Zodiac signs. The Crab’s mood and attitude changes with the the Moon, so they are still more or less predictable. But the Water Bearer’s behavioural changes are timed to the lightning flashes of Uranus, and there is no way to predict when the lightening will strike.
The Water Bearers are always playing little pranks on the Crab to surprise them, when they’re least expecting it.
This is, perhaps, because the Water Bearer know that Crabs are capable of giving varied reactions in little time, and they enjoy seeing them change their expressions from a smile to frown, suspicion, brooding, and despair. Of course, the sensitive Crabs almost never understand that the Aquarius are having fun at their expense and take their every word seriously.
There’s one Cancer mood the Aquarius people would rather avoid – the Crab’s exaggerated sense of privacy. The Aquarius don’t believe in being pretentious, and hiding their feelings or even secrets, which is why they cannot fathom why the Crabs are always so unnecessarily wary of their presence and suspicious about their motives.
The Cancer absolutely hates Aquarius’s inquisitiveness and blunt way of talking, and the Aquarius explicitly dislikes the Cancer’s tendency to sulk and pout over small issues. The Cancer will try every possible method to bring the Aquarius into submission and lead, while the Aquarius will make all attempts not to be led. Here’s one lesson for the Cancer to learn – that it cannot persuade, let alone force, the Aquarius to accept its supremacy or point of view, unless the Aquarius themselves wish to.
This may be one reason why the Cancer-Aquarius pair may need to give each other more personal space. They take frequent short vacations alone or in another company to give their partner more time to regain their calm and think about reaching a mutual agreement.