Cancer and Cancer Love Compatibility

The story of Crab-Crab relationship in this 1-1 pairs is that of the fellow sufferers. Most Cancer people grow up with an inherent insecurity – they have financial insecurities, love-related insecurities and, above all, emotional insecurities. This insecurity may have been a fallout of bad childhood experiences, which continue to haunt the Crabs for the rest of their lives.
They dream about their past miseries, wake up in horror and cling to everything they love the most. And, these nightmares eventually manifests themselves into fear, which surfaces every now and then in their behaviour. No wonder Crabs are often found suffering from mood swings, brooding in a corner under their shell.
It’s no cinch to deal with a Crab who is unremittingly dreading starvation and loneliness, unless, of course, their partner is also a Crab. And it’s true, only a Crab with matching frequency and a soul as lonely and fretful can empathise with another of the same kind.
To start with their foremost fear, a typical Cancer person will feel financially insecure even if they are in the list of the world’s top 10 richest people. They are afraid a slight negligence on their part will rob them of all their possessions that they have acquired with grit and determination over the past so many years. They spend most of their time worrying about how to multiply their billions and keep them from shrinking.
On the emotional front, the Crab’s insecurity makes them so cranky and irritable that they will snap at anyone who dares to express dissent over their opinion.
And then they will suddenly get sullen and retreat to their gloomy shell to shed a couple of silent tears. When angry, they are taken over by the feeling of selfishness.
They decide to stash all their money and not give a dime to anyone, and refuse to accept any gesture of affection. At a time like this, Crabs can only be consoled by a Crab, although help from other sun signs can greatly help them come out of their complex web of insecurities.
In times of crisis, people born under the zodiac sign Cancer are known to shed their timidity. They suddenly gather enormous courage to help their loved ones in need and become extremely tough and forceful. And, that’s an admirable trait. Each Crab will be able to trust the other, even more, thanks to this trump card.
When two Crabs come together, they certainly develop a strong tie of empathy, but they shall seldom help each other grow or see the world from another point of view.
In their case, unless they see their partner’s mistake as reflecting of their own, they are unlikely to improve or find true happiness. Two Crabs can be great friends, but as a couple, they will be found wanting of love, for love demands more than just understanding of each other’s soul. It requires the patience to put up with each other despite the differences and see the sacrifice made for love rather than enduring sorrows compounded by similarities.