Cancer and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are far apart from each other on the Karmic wheel. This indicates an opposition between the two. They are certainly, quite visibly opposite, but not always in the negative sense. Opposition essentially means two forces advocating different opinions being at war. Here, there is opposition between Moon – the planetary ruler of Cancer and Saturn – the planetary ruler of Capricorn.
While the Moon represents dreams, reflections, memories, movement and dependency; Saturn is symbolic of reality, stability, patience, determination and, above all, self-sufficiency. With such stark inbred differences, the two will have to mutually decide, which of their dominant forces will become the driving force of their relationship, because it most certainly cannot be all (rather both) of them. In the end, it will all have to boil down to one thing, either the Moon rules or the Saturn rules. Whether the Cancer and Capricorn agree to such a compromise varies from individual to individual, and when they do, the result will have to be nothing short of beautiful. For, these two shall be supported by their respective elements – Water and Earth are famously known to blend well, you see.
Besides, haven’t we heard the cliché that opposites attract? Yes they do, at least in this case. Both Cancer and Capricorn possess more than one such quality that the other desires, envies or secretly plans to cultivate. They not only complement each other, in the sense that one makes up for the quality the other lacks, but will also be willing to share their wealth of knowledge and material possessions with the other.
Then there are other traits of these two Zodiac signs, which are neither opposing nor similar. They are supportive of each other’s endeavours. A Crab loves comfort and financial security and since a Capricorn is extremely ambitious and promises a better future, this could be one factor that holds them together and would attract the Crab to the Goat in the first place. Another very important aspect that brings them together is their monetary goals. Both are impressively clever when it comes to financial dealings and both share the love for accumulating money rather than spending it.
Both are inadvertently attached to their past and relish nostalgia – Crab because of their liking for past in general, and Goat because they believe there are lessons to be learnt from the past experiences.
Despite the opposition of their ruling planets, the resulting differences and complementary qualities, the two signs have quite a bit in common. Both are born under the negative-feminine night forces, which means that they are both very tender and soft-hearted inside no matter how hard they try to put up a tough front to hide the feelings and emotions running deep beneath. Also, both are Cardinal signs, so both like to lead. But here, there is a subtle difference. While a Goat prefers to make his/ her leadership goal widely known, a Crab will keep his/ her desire hidden for as long as it can. But it won’t be too long, because gradually both will be aware of the other’s intentions to lead. And, will it lead to conflict?
Probably it will mark be the beginning of an intense and determined war between the two to win. Or, it may generate even more admiration between these two – for, we know well by now, that Goat adores authority (may even be alleged as fawning), and the Crab is naturally inclined to submit. And, here’s where the two may find the perfect reason for confluence. Each knows how to lead, and can lead independently, when needed, and hence has won the other’s reverence for life. But, together they pledge to bury their differences, and lead in tandem.