Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

In a Cancer-Leo association, things are rarely clear or confusion-free – it can be overwhelmingly positive, and yet it has the ability to be equally overwhelmingly devastating. As, the protocol of the Karmic wheel gets challenged in this association, and it’s anyone’s guess what may ensue.
Fire meets Water, one is stronger, the other is meeker, and yet the meeker possesses the power to extinguish the stronger!
Both the Water element of the Crab and the Fire of the Lion possess the power to destroy each other, and they may use this power without being consciously aware that they are doing so. By the time they realise that it’s not worthwhile, the damage is already done, they will both be battered. However, if they decide to keep themselves in check, there can be much tolerance and learning in their relationship.
The Lion is usually not as tolerant of the Crab’s behaviour as they are expected to be (being the generous rulers). Likewise, Cancer people are not too keen on absorbing the wisdom that the Leo people would willingly and unwittingly dole out. Although, Crabs are aware of their vulnerability, and the valuable lessons that are to be learnt from the Lions. On the contrary, the Crab may often try to supersede the Lion, which, is not going to be a very smart or safe thing to do.
It literally means overlooking the Lion’s supremacy and hurting his pride!
However, such role reversal may actually happen in this relationship. As already said, the Cancer’s Water element can extinguish Leo’s fire and confidence. But this could, perhaps, be because the Lion was initially way too tolerant of the Cancer, and did not suspect of a coup-in-making. It could be the Crab’s fault! The determined strategy of a strong-willed Crab could have dampened the Lion’s proud nature. All said and done, nothing could be more unfortunate than a Lion being robbed of his pride. And, although the relationship, under such circumstances, may continue, it will not be a pretty or inspiring one.
However, such role reversal is seldom motivated by malice. It’s rather caused by lack of alertness and mixing of Water and Fire elements for too long. Given that such role reversals are rare phenomena in the Cancer-Leo combination, it’s almost always the Lion dictating rules to the Crab. The latter subjected to the Lion’s arrogant demands of total submission may suffer a lot in silence, to the extent that the Crab may retreat into introspection. So one thing is amply clear here, Cancer and Leo can wound each other deeply, however, unintentionally.
The two are bound to clash often with each detesting the other’s unwillingness to oblige and accept authority. The Lion, especially, can get very depressed when it is denied of its royalty and treated shabbily. The Crab may find Lion to be wild and wasteful while the Lion may think the Crab is needlessly stingy. Very few Lions are spend prudently. They are so magnanimous by nature that they can’t resist treating others and themselves with all the luxuries money can buy. But trouble begins when the Leo starts to exhaust Cancer’s hard-earned money.