Cancer and Libra Love Compatibility

With this pair, it’s a love-hate relationship, which can eventually turn into ‘madly in love with each other’ kind with just a little effort. Cancer and Libra make for an interesting combination, but their chemistry is as challenging as it is intriguing.
To ordinary earthlings, they may seem impossible together because of their apparent differences, and bringing them together in harmony is indeed a herculean task. But the fact that this relationship is so unworkable is what makes it so interesting.
When Cancer and Libra start off as a couple, disgruntled and remorseful because of lack of compatibility and their failing relationship, little do they know that great rewards and a blissful life await them.
But will they walk that extra mile to see what fate has in store for them? If they are willing to travel that last stretch together, they will have to overcome their differences and make compromises.
Eventually, this is what life becomes for the two of them. It’s one long journey that teaches them lessons of life, to learn, the hard way, to compromise for one another. Having mastered this lesson, Cancer and Libra can attain a much higher level of happiness, the kind they would have never discovered alone.
The first step to making this relationship work is persistent efforts on both sides to understand each other. Both Cancer and Libra are always desperately trying to make themselves understood, but they have to stop and instead see what their partner wants. They have to feel the pain inflicted by them on their partner with their hurtful words and inconsiderate actions. It won’t be easy, it won’t be easy at all.
But it’s worth the effort, because in the end, if they are successful, they will be transformed. They will emerge as two compassionate souls who know each other inside out and are much closer on the emotional, spiritual and physical plane.
When these two, now mature, individuals come together to lead a happy life, they brighten not only their life but also of their loved ones. The Crab and the Scales can overcome obstacles despite their differences largely because their ruling planets, Moon (for Crab) and Venus (for Libra) are sympathetic.
The disparities between the two wouldn’t have been there in the first place, but Libra being an air sign and always bent on logical reasoning, overlooks Crab’s sensitivity.
And Crab being Crab takes such slightest disregard too personally and looks for a corner to weep. The Scales can never read between the lines, and therefore fail to penetrate into the Crab’s stony shell.
But ironically, the Libra are less self-centred than the Cancer are, and are always concerned about the problems of friends and loved ones. Crabs, on the contrary, are way to engrossed in their own sufferings and in gaining sympathy to spare time for such good gestures.