Cancer and Pisces Love Compatibility

In this Water-Water association, it is rather easy to guess that Cancer and Pisces get easily attracted to each other, mostly out of sympathy. They are both relatively smooth and mellow, and understand each other better than many others. This may partially be so because Pisces, symbolized by two Fish, are as secretive, sensitive and susceptible to changing moods as our dear Crabs are.
Like the Crab’s moods change with the waxing and waning Moon, the Pisces, too, reflect their dual personality with the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. And since, the Fish are mystically governed by the tides, it can be deduced that they are indirectly ruled by the Moon, too (they are ruled by Neptune actually, which is equally, if not more, mystical). That should explain why both the creatures have common traits.
But, because the Crabs are directly ruled by the Moon, they are far more predictable. The Pisces, given their extra sensory perception, especially, are very accurate in telling when the Crab is likely to sulk or weep or when they may snap with vengeance enraged by someone’s domineering attitude. But it may not be as simple for the Crab to judge the Fish’s fluctuating moods, which changes from being lively and cheerful to irritable and furious with a bat of an eye.
This may turn out to be a fun guessing game for the two initially to mitigate the monotony of their daily lives. But, will it last forever? Depends upon how much guessing games the Crab can endure!
Cancer and Pisces may be well-aware of each other’s point of view or way of thinking and fully understand each other on the emotional level, but they are not the most compatible companions.
This may seem surprising after all the similarities, we just pointed out to show how like-minded they are.
But there are bound to be frequent conflicts between the two, which may require a certain amount of compromising from both ends. For one, both are too fluid, and the relationship may lack a definition or the needed stability. Caution and economy are the watchwords of all Cancer people, and almost all of these Moon-ruled beings are subconsciously afraid of poverty, which creates funny habits in them.
Thus, one subject that may create strife between these two Water signs, without much outside provoking, is money. The Crabs worship money, accumulate as much as they can, and then contemplate ways to acquire more. This may be a generalisation, but it is more or less right.
The Fish, on the other hand, isn’t much into money business. They consider it as a necessary evil that must be dealt with only when required, and then forgotten till it’s required again. Crabs are stingy about spending their money, and Fish are reluctant to use it, of course for an entirely different reason. For Cancer, the jingle of coins is music, for Pisces the very idea of stocking it, storing it and then calculating it is out-and-out boring.
So, your guess is as good as mine! Conflict ensues, and since money is a very basic things, the abyss is bound to widen, especially if either is not ready to relent.
Pisces follow the mantra of casualness and generosity. The only security they wish to have and are scared of losing is security of privacy and freedom to live without being heckled by aggressive and dominating people. The Pisces believe in and preach the ‘live and let live’ notion. Crabs, the Cardinal leader in then rather, may not approve of so much generosity and submission, and there opens yet another point of conflict between the two Water beings. Let the best man win!