Cancer and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Now this a difficult one! It’s not very hard to see what happens when an extremely sensitive, vulnerable-to-hurt Cancer bumps into a happy-go-lucky, frank, Sagittarius and impulsively decides to take it further as a relationship.
The guileless Sagittarius, who genuinely has little knowledge of how to handle sensitive people with tact, and is adept at shooting arrows of truth, can often hurt the emotionally delicate Cancer, however unintentionally. Besides, the elements conflict, for when were Water and Fire supposed to create history! May be in case of devastation, but rarely if they were to work in tandem.
The Crab, depending on the phase of the Moon, may react in several ways. It can attack sharply in protest, crawl back into its shell and brood or just sit there and cry inconsolably. Deeply hurt by rude treatment, the Crab may even try to hide his/ her feeling, but their eyes shall give it away.
And, it’s only then that the Archer would realise that he blurted out something really thoughtless to cause so much pain to the Crab. And, in that too the Archer will be confused! They will instantly and earnestly apologise to the Crab for being insensitive, and may even think of all the nice words to make up for the inadvertent belittling.
But alas, even this may be done in such a roughshod way that the Crab may see the futility of the Archer’s failing attempts, and may end up laughing at it. And then, it’ll start all over again.
The Crab will suffer initially, but will soon learn a very important lesson that being so sensitive all the time will not take it far in life. If the sensitivity of Cancer and direct frankness of Sagittarius can be combined as favourable blend of qualities, it can result in some very clear thinking. But that, again, is for the Crab and the Archer to decide.
The two can frequently have a strife over monetary issues too. But in this case, it’s the Sagittarius who will have a hole in the pocket.
Since Crabs love to accumulate money, and prefer it as near in person as possible, they tend to take lump sum amount from their Sagittarius partner to invest, irrespective of whether Archer approves of it or not.
Perhaps, they can solve this problem, too, by striking a compromise of some sort. The other alternative is that the Sagittarius keeps the cash safely away, hidden from the Crab. But that might seldom work because nothing is really hidden from the intuitive Crab. They will also know over a period of time that Archers are extremely lucky when it comes to investing in the stock exchange.
In fact, this may give them second thoughts about taking cash from them, knowing the Sagittarius can double their money in no time.
Also, since the Crab are excessively possessive about their partner, which is a good sign, they may unintentionally curb the Archer’s freedom, which they hold dear. And the Sagittarius are unlikely to put up with such demands of the Cancer. But the cautious Crab will realise when it pushes the Archer too far and will relax reins giving them all the freedom they want.