Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility

A Cancer-Scorpio relationship is a blessed one. In this Water meet Water pair, the two are almost magnetically attracted to each other, and often at the very first instance. They are more likely to blend their auras, and become one. They not only have a lot of traits in common, but also share the same interests.
For instance, Scorpions obsessively seek surety of things; they will not opt for any venture or material gains, unless they are sure to get them.
And, who will understand this better than the clingy Crab who himself is always calculating his stock of money, stashing away heaps of it for future, and still looking to acquire more.
Cancer and Scorpio people, in their negative expressions of extreme secrecy, jealousy and suspicion, may take on each other, make it ugly and call it an end of their relationship, but this is the rarest of rare instance. The two are so much like each other and get along so well that they may well go on seeing each other even after they’ve officially declared their break-up. This is mainly because neither will find a partner as congenial and loving as they were for each other.
The Crab and Scorpion have an extraordinary instinctive understanding of each other, so that one can read the other’s mind without the need to convey in words their state of happiness or distress. Both have almost the same vices and virtues, which is why the faults of one is either possessed by or understood by the other. Likewise, the good qualities of one is either shared by the other or ardently admired. And both count on this support in their relationship, and more when they are going through tumultuous times.
The Crabs always dwell in their past, and may let it affect their present. At a time like this, Scorpion ensure comforting the troubled souls. And, together they will laugh over the good memories of the yesteryears. The Scorpio people understand the Crab’s need for a warm hug and support is because they themselves look back often with nostalgia and know how it feels when painful memories of the past can suffocate the present moment.
Neither forget kindness offered to them and memories of hurt or emotional injury. Their memories linger on, often for a lifetime.
In their relationship, every small or major misunderstanding is resolved and even forgiven. And this is a big deal because Scorpio and Cancer rarely forgive anyone. These Water ones have the ability to bring out the best in each other. The sceptical Cancer never trusts anyone, but can repose his trust in the equally suspicious Scorpio.
Given that both are so sensitive, it is surprising that they are willing to reveal their vulnerability to each other. They will tell each secrets they have never dared to repeat even to themselves.
The few clashes they are likely to have could be over money, and here the subtle difference in their thinking is that while the Scorpio tends to fret over how to gain it, the Crab is petrified of losing it. So, it’s like they both crave security, but have differing ways of securing it!