Cancer and Virgo Love Compatibility

It may be difficult to imagine there could be anything similar between the Crab and the Virgin apart from their inclination to brood every now and then. And, there’s indeed little common between them. But it is this very difference in nature that makes them more compatible than many other Zodiac sign combinations, besides their mutually compatible elements.
Water needs the stabilising Earth influence, and Earth needs the fertility, freshness and purity Water brings along. Funny it may sound, but all Virgins are somewhat crabby at heart, and Crabs possess the timidness that’s so frequently associated with the Virgin. So for starters, this could be one similarity bringing the two together.
The Water Sign Cancer greatly nourishes the character and personality of the Earthy Virgo. Most Virgo people feel happier and more cheerful, when they’re alone with themselves than with any other Zodiac sign, that is till a tender Cancer walks in.
With other Zodiac signs, the Virgo are always on guard, because people with strange thought process and lifestyles make them uncomfortable and nervous. But with the Crab, they do not sense the same discomfort. On the contrary, they instantly develop a liking for an unknown person and become good friends with them in no time.
In the company of the Crabs, the Virgins do not feel the excruciating pain of alienation, they feel normally. The Virgins find Cancer’s Water element soothing, and feel as if they are floating on a lake. More relaxed and comfortable in Crab’s company, Virgo frets and fears less, and lets loose – he is not going to be dominated and overshadowed by some indomitable person here.
Virgo also appreciate the Crab’s sense of humour, which in some ways helps the Virgin feel lighter and less burdened by the troubles of life. Together, they can create powerful and effective healing vibrations. That is to say, when their auras blend in perfect harmony, it possesses the magic to cure the mental, emotional and physical ailments of many, except their own.
They can help each other recover and prevent illness, but when alone, both Cancer and Virgo will tend to sulk in a corner and invite chronic sickness.
To the outside world, the Cancer-Virgo pair may seem a tad odd and amusing, but ask them and they’ll say they are living a blissful life together. But, all’s not hunky dory between them just by the dint of their position in the Karmic cycle. Credit goes to them for not only accepting each other’s basic differences, but also for trying to make the other feel good when he/ she (either) is in a sullen mood.
The Crab, as we know, will weep over his memories of the past and live in seclusion for days. Here, the Virgin will play a tender friend, coxing and consoling the Crab out of his melancoly. They will even lend their shoulders to each other to cry on. This is one of rare pairs in which both the Zodiac signs can find solace in each other, and they will stand by each other through thick and thin!