Cancer man

cancer male
A Cancer man is sensitive and affectionate, and needs to share emotional ties to the beloved woman.
He has an extremely complicated character. He is tougher than it may seem, either much more lenient than he had made you believe at first sight.

He is a man who belongs to a negative cardinal sign, a somewhat contradictory situation. He is active and outgoing, but hides under a shell of coldness and indifference. He is sensitive and reserved, though he hides behind a shell of affability and coldness. He is deeply emotional but really closed.

He can be extremely sensitive and have a tendency to self-pity if he believes misunderstood. When he locks himself firmly in his shell, he is totally indifferent to others needs.

Intimate affinities of a Cancer man

The other signs of water sympathize with the feelings and emotions of Cancer. A relationship with a libidinous Scorpio would be a hot match. Fire signs can ignite the hidden desire of Cancer or shut it down.
Although Leo woman is too aware of herself, a Cancer man can enjoy being his sex slave and trying to satisfy all her desires and fantasies. An Aries woman is extraordinarily demanding, but she can bring to the surface the most hidden passions and needs from Cancer man.

Sagittarius is not very sensitive and rarely feel identified with the sensitivity of a cancer.
So much emotion does not convince land and air signs either, unless, of course, a Cancer man sensitivity grabs the attention of an Aquarius woman.
She may consider that he an interesting specimen for study and she will realize with pleasure that the results have a high sexual level.
The Capricorn woman, his opposite sign, can be attracted by the magnetism of a Cancer man, ambitious and sensitive: Capricorn is drawn to power. Possibly the ideal sign to excite the Cancer man.

Cancer men

Tom Hanks is Cancer.