Cancer woman

Cancer women

Meryl Streep is Cancer.

The Cancer woman is deeply emotional, sensitive and faithful; she likes the house and is friendly. She is a woman who easily expresses her feelings and emotions, but still can wear a sexual armor. She is the ideal wife and mother, and since Cancer is a tough sign, her relationships are usually lasting relationships.
Why you would be surprise a Cancer woman attacks you with unmistakable carnal intentions?
Perhaps, because a Cancer woman usually hides her sexual needs under her cold looks. Therefore, any sign of passion means admitting that seeks love in you. Can you meet the challenge? The Cancer woman is disinhibited when feeling secure in a relationship.
Fondle her breasts for an ecstatic response.

Intimate affinities of a woman Cancer

Aquarius is the water carrier. How about a sensitive and deeply romantic Cancer woman with an Aquarius man? Well, his discourse on humanitarian ideals or even his theories about the origin of UFOs (talks that are strategy for foreplay for an Aquarius man) hardly cause the passion of a Cancer woman.
Nor unemotional style of Aquarius lovemaking will release her libido from its shell. However, a Scorpio man, water sign, can provide Cancer women the right mix of empathy and dominant sex necessary to trigger an explosive passion. Her opposite number, the Capricorn man, can also be authoritarian. Maybe she should teach him about feelings, but despite that, she will come to burn with his land sexuality.
It is said that impetuous Aries man make Cancer woman crawl then be surprised by the deep passion that caused.
The two make a good combination. The vulnerable woman character attracts protector Cancer man and she can achieve persuade him to slow down and savor the act of love.