Capricorn man

Capricorn male
To seduce a Capricorn man you must persevere. He wants to control the situation, and so, when succumbing it will be perhaps on the table in the boardroom.

The Capricorn man acts moved by forces beyond his understanding. Looking for something more in the outside world instead of trying to understand the inner motivation that leads him to look for love. His sexual encounters can him leave subtly dissatisfied.

At maturity, he begins to be aware of his desires. As he is more successful in business, he is more attractive to women. But to perform in love, his affectionate personality hidden beneath the surface must emerge. Then he becomes a great husband and a father.

Intimate affinities of a Capricorn man

Different elements can stimulate his desire. When paired with a burning fire sign, the Capricorn man whose excitation process is usually slow, can feel his hidden sensuality and powerful libido soar. A Scorpio, very sexy, woman can make him burn with desire.

The relationship with other signs depends on the age of a Capricorn. A young Capricorn may think that an Aries woman is too childish. But when if the “ages are exchanged”, both signs are much more compatible. Young, Capricorn is too serious for frivolous air signs, even for Virgo, ruled by Mercury.

With a few years, Capricorn relaxes and his black and wry humour appreciates the wit of Mercury. And after a few more years, the Capricorn man enjoys the playful sexual creature hiding behind Leo that before he found so irritating.

A Taurus woman will provide support to Capricorn and will fully enjoy his lifestyle.
She is an efficient and highly appreciated hostess, and her earthy sensuality gets him going. Both signs enjoy prolonged sex and make an excellent partner. Capricorn is attracted to Cancer, his opposite sign, because he appreciates their household qualities. Their quiet and reserved sexuality excites him.

Capricorn men

Jim Carrey is Capricorn.