Capricorn woman

 Capricorn women

Marlene Dietrich was Capricorn.

The Capricorn woman feels more comfortable with herself than Capricorn man. Although she also wants to achieve professional success aggressively, part of her wants a stable relationship with family and home.
She faces love cautiously because she does not want to make a mistake. When she feels safe, her usual cool facade gives way to a warm and affectionate nature. Her ironic humor, so characteristic of the earth signs, is part of her appeal.
The Capricorn woman needs someone interesting and resolute enough to distract her from work. When he succeeds, she will be a devoted lover.

Intimate affinities of a woman Capricorn

The Scorpio man can take her to the right point of readiness for sex. The passionate dynamism of Scorpio man has something that can end Capricorn need to be cautious.
Aries man can also cause passion in Capricorn woman, but if she feels he is too strong, she will show firm and will not want to budge. The Capricorn woman is comfortable with other earth signs; they are comfortable and unhurried, and rarely question her need for control.
The hot Sagittarius man may be too fast for her, but the royal Leo can ignite her passion.
Her opposite sign, Cancer, understands her need for caution since he also hides behind an outer cold. However, under the surface there may be a magnetic attraction between the two signs. Once they have made their complicated dance of welcome, they can end up in bed giving vent to their cardinal predatory natures.