Gemini Man

gemini male
The Gemini man, with his quick of wit and sexual comments, can easily seduce. But be prepared for a brief affair, as he usually is unfaithful.
Cold, unreliable and flirtatious, the Gemini man goes through life carefree, breaking hearts in his wake. He is a very sociable teaser who will not stop talking. He can reach the point of preferring his own fantasies instead of sex itself.

Since the Gemini man is so fickle and dual, he is not a suitable match for women who expect sexual long-term commitment and constant fidelity in a relationship. Nevertheless, the Gemini man is a fun partner with an interesting sexual speech that can attract those signs that appreciate a clever and delicious conversation of a Gemini, and at the same time are not emotionally very demanding.

Intimate affinities of a Gemini man

Other air signs really enjoy a Gemini. They appreciate their spontaneous intelligence, their versatile methods to pick up a woman and intellectual games. However, would they want him as a couple? And Virgo, also ruled by Mercury? Well, maybe you she would like him to be a little more reliable and consistent, but the Virgo woman is able enough to keep him at bay, and making Gemini fantasies come true can make emerge a hidden face of his character.

The Libra woman looks for more attention than a Gemini is willing to offer, while the Aquarius woman can be too busy with other things to realize that he begins to grow apart. Two Gemini together would not be a good idea, since talking would extinguish their mutual desire.

However, the Gemini man can arouse the enthusiastic participation of Sagittarius, his opposite sign, thanks to conversation and fun.
Still, fire and air are not always in tune. A Sagittarius wants more attention, but then also appreciates the freedom to be herself.

gemini man

Paul McCartney is Gemini.