Gemini woman

gemini women

Marilyn Monroe was Gemini.

The Gemini woman will seduce you verbally first and then take you to the nearest bed for a quickie.
The Gemini woman is fickle, capricious and a whole intellectual challenge. Flirts brazenly and has no doubt to haunt you if she likes what she sees. If you want her frivolous mind to permanently notice you, you must be inventive and willing to enter her vivid fantasy.
But do not expect her to behave with emotional intensity towards you. She has other things on mind.

Intimate affinities of a Gemini woman

A Gemini woman likes to be stimulated in every way. Taurus and Capricorn are too boring, unless they bring out the sense of black humor characteristic of a Capricorn man. But the ingenuity of Virgo will feed her interest and may end taking her to bed.
In general, she finds it hard to face the emotionality of the water signs; understand her own emotions are quite problematic to deepen on the others’. However, she may find the dreamy Pisces man intriguing, especially since the two signs share a rich fantasy. Fire signs are a challenge. They excite her, especially her opposite sign, Sagittarius men, who she can hold philosophical discussions with she enjoys so much, plus a bit of gossip.
Both continue talking while getting naked and lay on the bed, and both mastered the art of previous verbal stimulation. She could also fall into the embrace of a passionate Aries man, but could he keep up? The regal Leo poses a different problem.
Yes, she admires him, but does she have to do so continually? Maybe it is better that he relates to his own element. A contact between air and air creates a true understanding although sometimes speaking desire disappears.