How does each sign react against infidelity?

¿Monogamy or free relationships?


Faithfulness or an endless succession of adventures? Why what for some is a definite betrayal of their feelings, for others it can become an innocent momentary distraction? Who said that love is stronger? Sometimes, pride, fear of the truth or the terrible sense of betrayal in depth is beyond affection, however big it may be. Of course, many times when the storm has passed we realize that the decision we made was not the right one. So the most important thing is to discern the genuine feelings of those features that are characteristic of our character. Just then, we will be able to decide the most appropriate solution.

Each sign reacts differently to infidelity, either with indifference, anger or silent pain. Signs of Fire, passionate and impulsive by nature, fail to forgive betrayal. Leo will shield his pride, Aries prefer to lose the loved one before forgive him and Sagittarius tend his friendly links to try to recover it.

Among the Signs of Earth, Capricorn will feel mocked in his good faith; Taurus will endure patiently until he drops and Virgo will have the opportunity to see the imperfections of the beloved.
For Air signs deception can be explained logically and therefore they react rationally, avoiding expressing their feelings: Gemini will refuse to see the reality, Libra will try to disguise it, while still being cordial and Aquarius will be surprised to experience jealousy, even though he will not want to admit it.

As for water signs, Scorpio will feel better once he launch a deadly blow to his disloyal partner, Cancer and Pisces will mercilessly point an accusing finger, however, he will suffer quietly while attempting a win back.