How does Gemini react against infidelity?

Canny spies

Canny and distrustful, Gemini need to find solid reasons not to confront their partner with suspicions.
Often they try to excuse with intellectual arguments seeking what their perception announces as infidelity, but the reason is not enough to avoid the inevitable.
They should sincere their heart and clarify their ideas before given to a dialogue or otherwise they will end up refusing to see reality.
When they decide to confront their partner, there is no doubt it is because they have found that their suspicions are true.
For the information they need they do not hesitate to resort to espionage and invasion of privacy on the other.
Tip: To grant the benefit of the doubt, even though the evidence seem irrefutable, is the only way to true dialogue.
Without this opening you may not decide whether it is time to leave or to stay.

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