How does Taurus react against infidelity?

Blinded by rage

Taurus are likely to involve the family in matters of the heart.
So if one or both partners are well accepted by family and friends on the other, they will have many more reasons to stay together.
But beware, just when they have a difficulty they try to break free of their anger by badmouthing the other to their relatives.
Often they avail themselves of this mechanism subtly and without being aware of the words they speak.
They should pay close attention to their dreams because they allow them to better understand the unconscious fears they have.
Patience is one of their features.
But-often- they misinterpret it and tend to make the mistake of stopping their feelings and reactions.
Tip: Dismissing the wrath and anger will allow you to rescue the good of the person you love and discard the rest.

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