How each sign kiss?


Few contacts are as intimate and revealing of our personality as kissing.
By kissing we can express all the nuances of love: passion, tenderness, possessiveness, harmony, curiosity and even greater need for communication or independence are some feelings that come into play when two people approach their lips.

In general we can say that the fire signs are as impulsive and dominant to kiss as to the rest of the actions carried out in their lives, though each one is in their own way.
Aries plays the love affair as a struggle and an adventure; Leo also seeks some control over their partner although less aggressively and more theatrical: while for Sagittarius, kissing means to explore unknown lands.

Earth signs, meanwhile, are distinguished by a deliberate physical contact and by being responsive at the same time.
Taurus is possessive and sensual, Virgo contain their erotic impulses although they experience them intensely, while Capricorn puts some distance in love but in his heart is highly sensitive and passionate.

Something unattached, with great need for freedom but also communication, are Air signs. Gemini is basically for the exchange and they kiss with the same curious concern with which they speak.
Libra pursues similar purposes, although for this sign it is essential to achieve a harmonious contact by kissing. And Aquarius is highly original and creative when it comes to love, but very unromantic because what worries them most is friendship.

Finally the Water signs are the most tender and sensitive to express their affection, but they need someone who can hold them in their arms to let flow their great sensitivity. Cancer confuse join their lips at length with their partner, in an attitude of loving care.
Scorpio seeks to merge into the other to the extent of forgetting even their identity. Pisces, meanwhile, manages to completely lose the notion of time and space when their beloved offers her lips.