How every sign of Zodiac pretend

astrologyIf we believe that pretending is the action of simulating or implying something that is not accurate, at first sight we can realize that the characteristics of some signs fit this act much better than others. The simulation, which usually involves a good deal of control over our own emotions, does not come naturally for the signs of Fire – rarely Aries, Leo or Sagittarius can effectively hide what they think or feel.

For Aries, any action other than direct and frank has little to do with his nature; Leo finds it offensive hiding his feelings; and Sagittarius makes the truth his flag … sometimes even without properly considering the consequences. In contrast, the other three signs –Gemini, Virgo and Pisces– are famous for being the most skilled simulators … and in the case of the first two, just to be effective liars.

The truth is that, without falling outright on deceit ground, the three are masters in the art of concealing the thoughts or feelings. The Twins will do through their ingenious thoughts; Virgo through inaccessibility to what actually happens, and the Fishes, by acting the character that comes to mind for every situation. Although it is not usually highlighted, Capricorns are also experts: in this field as the animal the sign represents, able to eat the indigestible to reach the goal, the natives of this sign can pretend anything to achieve their ambitions … and are famous for the ability to blend like chameleons when the situation requires it.

Scorpio can pretend by hiding behind a cold appearance – controlling themselves as they like to control others is the Scorpio specialty – while Cancer can be very clever using Crab strategies – taking steps back and side, they mislead about what is the real reason that guides them. Finally, Aquarius and Libra – Air signs -will use skilful reasoning and their gift of sociability to pretend … especially Libra- very successfully.

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