How kisses Gemini?

With curiosity

Gemini in love

Gemini always try to convince and seduce others through their attractive speech.
Truly mastered the art of the word.
When kissing they are also trying to persuade, and this should be taken literally.
They make the utmost to surprise and conquer! Their kisses are curious, joyful, sparkling. They encourage, fascinate but you never know what purpose they pursue. It seems as if they are always looking for something …
Perhaps a certain amount of passion.
The playful nature of these eternal teenagers is exciting.
Gemini women especially distinguished by their comings and goings of flirt.
Which usually get very nervous to certain types of men: those who cut to the chase.
Gemini men kiss tenderly, they are not irresistible but magnetic.
They are perfect to play for a while, but not appropriate for more serious purposes.

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