How kisses Pisces?

Mouth to Mouth

pisces in love

Receptive, sensitive, passive Pisces are great kissers.
Their introverted nature, inhibited somewhat, makes it difficult for them to take the initiative. But when they start, they do a marathon.
Pisces men give an image of mystery, making them almost intangible.
Their kisses are like promises always renewed by another promise to form an endless chain.
In the literal sense also something similar happens.
Like fish in the water, they can breathe while kissing without taking their lips apart for hours.
Pisces women are fascinating for their sensuality. Nothing tastes as sweet as the mouth of a Pisces.
On the other hand, they are always available and willing, being able to give in for a single kiss.
Which can lead the partner to make the mistake of thinking he won her forever. Nothing further from reality!

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