How kisses Taurus?

Like the sweetest candy

taurus love

Taurus natives, sons of Venus, cannot deny their sensual nature especially in this field.
Usually they have full lips that incite to be kissed, but if not, they are immediately recognized by their mouth … soft, flexible, and disturbing.
Taurus have two options: to smother their partner in kisses or to melt like an ice-cream under the sun rays. Any case, their kisses are always tasty.
Taurus men are irresistible.
As “kissers” experts at the right time, the recipients will know closely the rule of lasciviousness.
However, over the years, the slow process to go from the drive to the fact can become a real problem.
Taurus women borrow from Earth – the element they belong to – understated elegance that transforms their kisses in a peaceful and sensual experience.

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