How kisses Virgo?

Virgo seriously kisses

Virgo in love

Virgo are always trying to find meaning and usefulness to everything they do. And of course, in the field in question they are no different.
However, when put aside this hobby they are able to surprise their partners by the passion with which take it, especially women.
For Virgo women kissing is a journey, but not of highs but rather toward the center of the Earth. If their partners know how to lead them there they can reach great depths. It usually starts with almost ethereal kisses, which then will increasingly narrow to end in a real glowing combustion.
For the Virgo men a kiss is always serious. They have their feet on the ground, so they will never blow you a kiss from the window. Romanticism is definitely not their thing, but in the technique they can become perfect.
In addition they know how to choose the right time.

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