How pretend Capricorn?

Pretending to survive

As already mentioned, the Goat can be master in the art of pretending, however, as a good sign of Earth, they will never do it for free – even if very long term, everything that Capricorn do seeks an end, and they stick to it.
If they need to visit that unbearable great-aunt, they will.
First, because Capricorn respects the social mandates and whether they require a certain tact, well, I will be met.
On the other hand, who says that the mentioned relative does not leave something for that nephew who is so considerate?
The Goats have been always accused of being utilitarian … and many of them are.
This is why they can pretend so easily.
However, to avoid falling into judgments that in many cases would be unfair, is better to understand that for Goats everything has value as a survival strategy … and a way to reach the goals.

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