How pretend Libra?

All too adaptable

What is the method most used by Libra when it is time to pretend?
The same charming looks they usually use to seduce. They are able to listen attentively to a person who they really are not interested in the least, thing that usually no one notices.
The innate sociability of this sign leads them to adapt easily – too easily, according to other signs – to the person they are face to face with.
And they immediately perceive by intuition what is the terrain on which they should not get to maintain a climate of harmony – very expensive word to Libra.
Yet it is not really fair to accuse them of simulators; everyone knows the capacity of conciliation and negotiation that Libras have, and it is absurd to think that this talent does not need a good dose of action at times, and as a good air sign, the words will be their weapon… together with their charm.

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