Leo man

leo male
A delicious meal stimulates the animal passion of Leo and marks the begining of sexual seduction. Caress the end of the column to rise the temperature.
Leo man is conceited, aggressive, brave and very good looking, and he seeks for lovers who rise his good image.
His vanity will not allow him to be seen with a woman of lower class or unattractive. He needs someone who is up to his sexual power and to appreciate his special qualities.
He is a man who wants to be the focus and priority of others. He has endless energy and a strong libido. The woman who is able to keep up with Leo will discover that the man has something special that makes it all worthwhile.

Intimate affinities of a Leo man

‘The King’, Leo, should avoid attracting women of his own sign. Both could be too busy admiring themselves in the mirror to have time for sex, and in a relationship there is only room for domination of only one Leo.
Like the Leo woman, Leo man wants to be the leader. In love and desire, his partner may seek to compensate for an absent element.
Thus, the fierce Leo, who loves to be admired and pampered but lacks sensitivity, will look for the intense and receptive energies of Scorpio, since the opposing energies of water and fire signs come together to produce a hot and concentrated vapor.
Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo, and an exalted Leo can get a bring down to earth an air aquarium to make her experience an unknown passion.
A Taurus woman might also prompt the fiery passion of Leo, since has stamina to keep up with him. She can teach him some sensuality of her own body, hidden until then because of his need to control everything.

Leo men

Robert De Niro is Leo