Leo woman

Leo women

Sandra Bullock is Leo.

You will fully realize if a Leo woman wants more than a simple dinner. She will respond passionately and so sexy to your proposals, but is also likely she takes the first step.
The Leo woman is the most predatory species. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Many of the most passive signs think she is too bossy, but she believes that if she does not take control nothing would happen. Although she often likes the man to chase her she usually initiates sex when on a relationship. Usually she is direct about her sexual needs.
You will have no doubt what pleases this very sexual woman.

Intimate affinities of a woman Leo

Well, there is always a reliable resource: the Scorpio man. A lascivious Leo woman finds it easy to keep up his athletic sex game. She also finds an interesting challenge to catch an independent Aquarius man in her net. But Leo women sometimes prefer to be with a more passive man, someone who can dominate a bit. And because she needs someone to share her fantasies, an elusive Pisces man could be the person she is looking for.
However, if the Leo woman feels particularly frustrated, a Taurus man, who has the self-resistance of earth signs, can perhaps offer her a passionate night of love.
Other signs of fire have a good relationship with Leo woman. She makes them feel good and her energy is up to theirs. If not too authoritarian in her approach, you will be happy to assist in her sexual game and have her sexual fantasies come true.
Aries man can particularly enjoy typical games to be tied anywhere, the favorite of Leo women.