Libra man

libra male
The Libra man is prone to flirtation, easy and cunning. In addition, he seduces his way through life.
Although generally he would like to consider the point of view of everyone, it is different on sexual matters. His attractive and relaxed exterior hides powerful impulses that he is willing to meet even if it takes him a very long time to make up his mind.

He can be very demanding when choosing a partner, she must be beautiful and suitable for fussy Libra.

Intimate affinities of a Libra man

Aries woman, the opposite number of demanding Libra, may be too outrageous and egocentric, but probably he gets to enjoy her libidinous sexuality.
However, he may prefer not to be seen in public with her when she is more exuberant.

The Libra man needs adulation to feed his ego and is not likely to make a good match with a Leo woman, since she seeks the same.

Sagittarius is probably the best bet for a Libra man among fire signs, as long as he does not take offence by her lack of tact.

A Venusian Taurus woman will be a match to Libra in sensuality. In addition, the sensitivity of the water signs will reassured him, as long as they do not surrender in excess to emotional display.

Libra men

Sting is Libra.