Libra woman

libra women

Gwyneth Paltrow is libra.

Flattery and words of love are all foreplay for the Libra woman. She will show you what she likes in bed, but she will also make sure you are satisfied.
A Libra woman is greatly concerned about appearance, both hers and that of het partner. Her partner should look good at all times and must behave restrained.
She is always perfectly smart and has high expectations on the behavior of her man. Although she has enough ability to initiate sex she is subtle in her approach. Still, she loves to flirt. There is not a more lovely woman.

Intimate affinities of a Libra woman

A relaxed Libra woman, who simply wants to be in beautiful harmony with her partner, enjoys the slow and sensual excitement of the Venusian Taurus man.
Aries predatory approach is not really her style, but if he can get her attention, the romantic nature of Aries probably will satisfy the loving desire of a Libra woman.
A sexy Scorpio man can be too intense for her taste. However, there is no doubt that she will enjoy the extended foreplay. When he seduced her to bed, the strength of his passion and admiration will turn her on.
A Gemini man will amuse her, a Pisces man will confuse her, although both may be on the same page that the Libra woman.
Aquarius man is a challenge: once he has her attention, he will enjoy your melting her ice shell. He will also appreciate her flamboyant concept of sex.
If he manages to temper his emotions, Cancer man may attain adequate indirect approach to arouse her interest and seduce her romantically to bed.