Pisces man

Pisces male
The Pisces man is among the most romantic. He always puts his partner on a pedestal. He will offer a good meal with good wine and then he will seduce her.

Pisces man’s character is sympathetic, romantic and compassionate. He has a fascinating outside and is also emotionally deep. He is very aware of the needs and moods of his partner. The Pisces man is an attentive and sensitive lover who has refined the art of seduction to perfection.

He gives his partner lots of gifts and chooses the most romantic places for his declarations of love. However, is he legit? The Pisces man has a nebulous quality, is very elusive and cannot feel tied down for long. He does not feel very attracted to the idea of responsibility. He begins and ends relationships with a great ease.

Intimate affinities of a Pisces man

All water signs appreciate the deep sensitivity of Pisces. The Scorpio woman becomes entranced with his magic and mysticism. And the Cancer woman wants to tuck this vulnerable person on her chest and protect him from the demands of this world. Pisces brings out her maternal instincts to then seduce her sweetly.

Air signs will enjoy going into the private world of fantasies of Pisces. Particularly, the Libra woman can be fascinated by the imaginative possibilities that he brings to love. But a Gemini woman also has great fun with Pisces.

Aquarius, however, does not know what to do with this subject so elusive. She may be fascinated, almost hypnotized, by him, but what is the point of contact in this relationship? Her rational mind requires more than promises for a couple. Signs of fire and earth are confused by Pisces.

When they finally believe to have him under controlled, he escapes again. They can be good combinations for quick and libidinous adventure, but a longer relationship would render them crazy.

Pisces men

Steve Jobs was Pisces.