Pisces woman

Pisces women

Liza Minnelli is Pisces.

Seduce a Pisces woman with flowers and a romantic dinner under candlelight.
Then tell her how much you want her and she will respond with a touching passion.
She is a fascinating and attractive woman, but emotionally very volatile. Intuitive and sensitive, she knows what she her lover thinks before himself.
Her antenna is tuned to the slightest nuance. She gives everything to please, often to the detriment of herself.
She is ambivalent and nothing in two directions at once.
No wonder she has two affairs at the same time: one coming to an end and the other at the beginning.

Intimate affinities of a woman Pisces

The Pisces woman seeks for someone who understands or makes her feel needed. Rarely will she be attracted by self-sufficient signs like Capricorn and Aries; neither by Taurus or Aquarius, little predisposed to emotional games. Other water signs understand her as they share their emotional momentum, though lacking her ambivalence and her tendency to follow two opposite paths. She finds Scorpio man extremely exciting, and tender and protective care of a Cancer man will make her feel like a queen. The Virgo man draws her to reality, but is adaptable enough to enter her world of fantasies. He will be mesmerized by her charm. Virgo earthly sexuality and his quick wit will please her.
It could be the combination she needs to channel her sexual energies. Since this is her opposite sign, there is a magnetic attraction between them.
The romantic nature of Pisces could do the rest, although the willingness to criticize of the Virgo man could be an obstacle. However, if she applies her magic, perhaps he overlook details he normally dislikes.