Sagittarius man

sagittarius male
Adventure and physical challenge stimulate sexual appetite of Sagittarius man. When he cannot hold back further, he will find a spectacular place to make love.

Celibate at heart, Sagittarius man is more interested in experimentation that Sagittarius women. He uses all kinds of sex toys to increase her excitement and fight boredom. What he is looking for in a potential partner is adventure.

The Sagittarius man wants to live untethered, so he delays commitment as long as possible. Heavy traveller, he is energetic and interesting and he easily gets bored. He dislikes responsibility, so he is constantly looking for better sexual opportunities. And his boyish enthusiasm attracts women everywhere.

Intimate affinities of a Sagittarius man

All fire signs relate well to each other and a Sagittarius man enjoys the excitement generated by the vigorous women of this fiery element. He likes to be dominated by an Aries woman and he offers Leo the attention she seeks. With a Sagittarius he will be happy traveling the world in search of adventure.

He finds his opposite sign, Gemini, very fun and shares his ease to get bored. Sagittarius bright mind is able to keep pace with the constant changes of Gemini and even be able to wake an unusual burning in it. Air can fuel his fire to cause inextinguishable flames.

He finds other air signs interesting as well.
Libra women may be too indecisive, but enjoys his flirtatious nature. In addition, he finds very interesting the challenge to seduce an Aquarius until he takes her to bed.

Water signs represent the greatest challenges for the Sagittarius man.
He is some emotional being and therefore he will probably prefer the physical sensuality of the earth signs than the emotional sensitivity of water signs.

Sagittarius men

Keith Richards is Sagittarius