Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius women

Britney Spears is Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius woman loves open spaces, where fresh air and freedom ignite her sexual appetite.
The Sagittarius woman is very independent. She owns herself, but that does not mean she does not enjoy relationships.
She enjoys them on her terms.
She does not want to feel too bound by emotional ties and when set she expects be treated as equals. Before committing, she is a very funny travel companion and a very sexy lover … when she fancies.

Intimate affinities of a Sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman always gets along well with other fire signs, because they understand her sudden enthusiasm and her need to spontaneously express her sexual needs.
She may consider Aries man somewhat bossy, but she can give as much as she receives. She does not like the signs that expect from her organization and efficiency. These discard Capricorn men and Virgo men, unless the Virgo man is willing to organize everything for her. In this case, his earth sensuality, witty personality and lively company can ignite the passion of this woman and keep her interest. In general, the water signs are too emotional for Sagittarius women.
She is short of air and cannot follow the complicated brain frames destined to take her to bed. Perhaps she enjoys the intense sexuality of Scorpio man, because she will be trying to find out where his impulses come from weeks. If she does not discover it, she will desperate step down and look for someone with less emotional depth.
Air signs can be the vibrant company she is looking for. She gets along with her opposite number, the Gemini man, as frivolous in desire as she. However, if she wants to settle down, she will likely seek someone more confidence and more faithful. She is no woman to stand a man of constant adventure.