Scorpio man

scorpio men in love
The Scorpio man is very libidinous, incredibly attractive and a skilled lover, what more could a woman ask?
In bed he is a sexual hurricane (or at least his reputation says so), but on the outside he looks he looks cold though a determined womanizer.
He has an air of danger that raises intrigue and mysticism.
It cannot be denied that Scorpio is extremely sexy.
As a fixed sign, he is very faithful to his partner.
Thus, a relationship with a Scorpio is likely to last long.

Intimate affinities of a Scorpio man

Many Capricorn women, normally reserved and cautious, surrendered to ecstasy in the arms of a Scorpio. Her earth element attracts Scorpio, who sees her reserve as a challenge. The sensitive Scorpio man can inevitably trigger the desire of a Capricorn woman, a process that gives him great satisfaction. He also enjoys the sexuality of other signs ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra, because they appreciate his endurance.
The Virgo woman also values his energy and could offer Scorpio other challenges. What most excites Scorpio is to seduce this virginal sign. The other water signs understand and respect his deep and strong emotions. They appreciate his sensitivity and intensity for a while.
The Cancer and Pisces women become bewitched, although both signs feel the need to pull away from time to time. Scorpio often confuses air signs. These are curious to discover what lies behind his enigmatic facade. The Aquarius woman feels especially attracted by his magnetism, and the Scorpio man can enjoy awakening her sexuality. On the contrary, Gemini will possibly lose interest or patience because of the Scorpio emotional tricks.
For Scorpio, the idea of a great night is staying at home for a session of seduction followed by passionate sex. Fondling his genitals can cause him ecstasy.

scorpio men

Martin Scorsese is Scorpio.