Scorpio woman

Scorpio wonem

Vivien Leigh was Scorpio.

The Scorpio woman has deep emotional yearnings and few sexual inhibitions. Let her give herself to her sexual fantasies and you will experience the most intense and less predictable sex you have imagined.
The Scorpio woman is provocative, erotic and intense, when she turns her sexual magnetism, no one can resist her.
She does not need to go after men; they come for her. But she is not simply a seductive siren, she also has brains. She likes men able to respond to her powerful emotions and speak with intelligence.
Scorpio woman does not show her emotions; she is a very private woman who values privacy. Normally, get to know her requires a long time. However, during that time she will know you thoroughly.

The Scorpio woman may be attracted to the authority of a Capricorn man. She is quite powerful and wants someone whose strength can be compared to hers. The sexuality of all earth signs attracts her, especially because it is able to match her strong sex drive. Her opposite number, the Taurus man, understands her well. He is also loyal and jealous.
She is often attracted to the Leo man by his aura of power and vitality, qualities that indeed seduce her. Air signs amuse her, but their inability to cope with deep feelings makes difficult a relationship. The Libra man can possess the right combination of passivity and eroticism; she likes to dominate.
Other water signs tune emotionally with her. Pisces is likely to exert a particular fascination man for Scorpio woman, especially because it is the sign most likely to make her sexual fantasies come true.