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Yet a typical remark often made to astrologers goes something like this: I’m a Capricorn, but when I read trióse descriptions of Capricorn, they don’t describe me very accurately.

Remember, the Sun sign is just the start of your portrait, the broad strokes. You also have a Moon in your birth chart, and it’s probably in a difFerent sign from the one the Sun is in. You have planets in your birth chart, and each may be in a different sign.

Only by studying the entire birth chart can an astrologer begin to get a complete picture of a personality. Even then, there is a certain latitude for error simply because human beings are not carved in stone. We change a little every day and with every person we meet. Love, tragedy, success—each circumstance of life alters us. However, the essential person remains. And the Sun sign is the outline of that essence.

Astrology is a fascinating tool for the study of human nature. When you first meet someone, that person is a mystery. You see the color of eyes and hair, the mode of dress, whether he or she is tall or short. You must wait for further information to know anything more. If you know the person’s Sun sign, you can put a few pieces of the puzzle together. But, just as when you are beginning a complex jigsaw puzzle, too many pieces are missing. The Sun sign merely gives you an edge, an extra insight that you would not otherwise possess.

Of course, knowledge of Sun signs is not only useful in casual social meetings. It is invaluable in cióse rela-tionships. If your Cáncer husband nags and criticizes, you’ll know it’s just his way of showing how much he cares about you.

If your ten-year-old Virgo daughter acts like a premature oíd maid, fussing about putting every-thing exactly where she wants it, you’ll understand why she needs to have her possessions neatly arranged. Knowing how scattered and forgetful a Gemini can be, you will find it easier to forgive your Gemini lover when your birthday present shows up two days late.

Most important of all, an understanding of your own Sun sign will give you an added measure of self-knowledge, a deeper insight into the stranger that is yourself.