Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius are as far apart from each other in character and personality as two people can possibly be. Taurus is the Earth element – stable with a strong moral compass and deep attachments. On the other hand, the aspiring Aquarius. The proverbial free bird, is constantly planning about the future, making idealistic plans.
First ones to feel the approaching summer in spring, they always tend to be a season ahead of everyone else – such is the flight of their fantasy.
Though, a more mature Aquarius may take offence at this statement, he/ she will have agree that they do are on a different plane – and why not, after all they do aspire for difference with such frenzy. And, it is this vision to see years and even decades ahead that accounts for the vague expression in the eyes of a typical Aquarius. And, this is what a practical, level-headed Bull can never relate to!
This rare quality to peek into the world of tomorrow is singular to those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, who manage to stay consciously aware of the present as well. For, they are born with a generous mix of intelligence, instincts and imagination. When natives of other Zodiac signs attempt to look into the future, they either lose touch with today or become too lost in whatever dimension they are floating in – Bulls are often the first ones. The Water Bearers in Aquarius acquire wisdom and truth from what they foresee in the future, and apply it to the present to become more adept in whatever work they undertake.
Now, if this brilliant far-sightedness of the Water Bearer and the Bull’s rationality were to be juxtaposed in a relationship, the result has to be bewilderment. This is because the practical Bull does not believe in Tomorrow, he lives and dwells in Today – in the tangible world.
Most Bulls cannot understand, like they can’t understand other Air signs, why the Water Bearer would want to trouble himself with the worries of Tomorrow, when there’s so much to do Today. For them, the idealistic Water Bearer is beyond comprehension, and the only feeling Bull can have for Aquarius, lost in their virtual world, is that of pity. Tomorrow might be made for some people, but it certainly isn’t for the Bull.
Not that the Bulls aren’t instinctive or don’t have a foresight. But they would rather act sensibly and prepare to meet an emergency with a practical mindset than by getting into predictions. Unlike the Aquarius! Bulls’ eyes do not contain the Aquarius’ vagueness. A resemblance between the two, if any, will be extremely minute and of no significance, except for one. Since both are born under a Fixed Sign, one thing common between them is a certain rigidity of purpose, or stubbornness as we may also put it. But, given the trait, it can hardly be a boon for any relationship, for such bonds, by the way of their basic nature, require adjustment.
However, when the two are together, the Water Bearer would dominate the conversation, simply because the Bull is rarely inclined to chat all the time.
Unwilling to tell their secrets to strangers, Bulls need to be sure it’s worth the effort before they engage themselves into anything. And, they may not find Aquarius too dependable! It’s not easy to win a Bull’s trust, as they are too sensitive to hurt and will only open up if they feel very comfortable with the person they are dating or partnering.
Hence, Aquarius may come across as the more talkative of the two, but they too are not the kind to spill the beans. So, the conversation between the two is very likely to be flighty, non-personal and non-affecting for the first couple of meetings. In conclusion, compatibility in this pair can only be achieved with mutual efforts, but once achieved, the relationship can be very rewarding for both.