Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility

When there’s too much in common between a couple of different Zodiac signs, it’s no rocket science to find out that one of them, most likely, is a Taurus and the other Cancer. Taurus love their homes, food, stability and most of all their peace. People born under the zodiac sign Cancer too obviously love their homes, food and peace. Then, what stops them? The few, very minor, differences between the two are imperceptible, and do not hugely impact their relationship.
Well, usually. But then, who knows? None of them can be attributed with a lot of patience , especially for others’ shortcomings.
Each wants people around them to be nice to them – it’s more like a need than desire. Although, none of them may make it very apparent from his/ her behaviour. And oh! They both love money, too. They’ll both save lots of it for a rainy day. The best thing the Crab can do for the Bull is prepare a sumptuous dinner, sit by the table and talk money. The best thing the Bull can do for the Crab is pretty much the same, but with one addition. The Bull can keep a note of the Crab’s moods, which change with the waxing and waning moon, and be extra nice on those not-so good days.
Knowing that they have an upper hand and more say in most matters, the Bull frequently feels sorry for the Crab and tries to play fair. But, does the Crab begrudge the loss of some of their rights? No, not really, in view of this situation, where the Bull feels so lovey dovey. This the Crab enjoys immensely. Not that he (Crab) is constantly looking to bag pity, but he does like to know that someone cares, when he/ she is upset, without accusing him of compounding his sorrows.
Alright, the Bull does go an extra mile to please the Crab when he (Crab) is in one of his cranky moods. But Bulls cannot, for the life of them, understand why the Crab wants to weep and moan over a tragedy that is already a history and will never change. The Bull sees it as a waste of energy, and wasting energy is detestable to them. Not known to have mood swings, Bulls see this as a rare phenomenon, and are rather baffled at such display of emotion by the Crab.
Also, when the meteor strikes once in a million years, you can be sure of all hell breaking loose. Same applies when the Bull decides to have a mood swing. When the Bull decides to have a mood, it’ll most likely last for months on end, even years.
A Cancer’s changing moods, on the other hand, don’t last longer than a few hours. They are capable of switching from tears to laughter in no time. And because, they are so sensitive, they are aware of people’s inner feelings, and hence are more compassionate and emotional than the Bull.
At least, the manifest behaviour of the Cancer is more tender and gentle than the Bull’s. It’s not to say that the tenacious Bulls are not sensitive with others. In fact, both the zodiac signs can be very magnanimous when it comes to helping the elderly and the children, only a little rough on those in between.
The coming together of a Bull and a Crab is a fated one. They usually get along well most of the time, and even when they don’t, there is rarely any power packed, full of negativity outburst. There’s more of a silent suffering on both the sides with both inclined to taking a corner and brooding, rather than confronting each other. With time this Earth-Water pair is bound to fall in a pattern, and start living happily with each other. There is always a bigger possibility of the Crab emulating the Earth Bull. And, with their mutual placidity and calmness, they will continue to foster each other.