Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility

They may not make the best couple, but, both ruled by Earth element, the Bull and the Goat certainly have a lot in common. And, when two people are so well tuned to each other’s needs, it’s a foregone conclusion that the relationship is headed towards ‘happily ever after’!
The foremost similarity between the two is that none has any confusion about where the other is going – it has to be the top, of course. Whether in a small village or in a metropolitan city – always on the top, where it is quiet and peaceful, where no will interrupt their ambitious thinking. Taurus and Capricorn are both extremely reserved and modest, and use moderation as an inner alarm to warn against disruption. But there’s no who-reaches-the-top-first contest between the two. They will rather concentrate on the journey and ensuring that they don’t stumble.
This does not mean that the duo is a dull and sluggish plodder. On the contrary, they’re both creative in various respects.
Almost all the Goats have artistic talent, and some even become successful painters or writers. The Bulls, as we know, have a musical soul, and some even grow up to be great singers or musicians or even comedians. The Goats too have a streak of comedy (albeit darker or satirical) in them, which many find amusingly clever. They possess the ability to pass remarks with a poker face, which makes the joke sound even funnier.
However, it will be wrong to assume that Taurus and Capricorn, on their own, will let every comment (directed at them) pass-off as a joke, and take it in the right spirit. Very image conscious, neither will bear to sacrifice his/ her dignity and respect at any cost. It’s not difficult to see that these two Zodiac signs can have a very warm and steady relationship.
But, it’s also easy to notice that it’s unlikely that either of them would be too interested in learning about the other’s ambitions or motives in life.
Also, one will never find these essentially fun-loving creatures opting for a wild, noisy party. When you see a couple spending a nice, warm evening alone at home, watching films or spending their day with family at a vacation spot, you know it’s them. The Bull and the Goat will usually stray into pastures where they find common interests, like say, travelling, family, religion or education.
To strengthen their tie, they will engage in endeavours that will keep them united and bolster their strength. It is hard for people belonging to these sun signs to stay upset with each other for too long. The path of reconciliation is easy and they know they don’t have much option but to follow it.
It is very important for the Goats to be accepted by all and get respect from friends. Nothing can hurt them more than being treated as a social outcast. The Bull will not seek anyone’s acceptance as badly as the Goat, but will nonetheless appreciate it if they get it.
But what really attracts these two people to each other is the fact that they both deal with a given situation with a lot of maturity.
The Goats grow up mentally when they are still only three years old, and at the same age, the Taurus people are planning about how to expand their future financial empires. In other words, Bulls and Goats are way too wise for the outer world, but it’s their inner worlds that brew more trouble for them. Each in desperate need of affection but won’t ask and each stubbornly resisting the other’s gesture of friendship and fondness.