Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility

Here, we are at another 2-12 pair, the match between the one who is solid and stable as the Earth itself, and the other who is airy and light as the Air itself – Taurus and Gemini respectively. One is slow and cautious, painfully slow, in comparison to the other, at least at the outset.
Yet, the slower and the steadier may win the race! Will he/ she? Only the time shall tell, and so shall the individual personalities of the people involved.
As you by now know that the Bulls would rather keep to themselves and mind their own business than go about searching for troubles. That is unless they are provoked! Possessors of strength to remain unperturbed at all times, they stay collected, and remain prepared to take necessary emergency actions, in case of eventualities. However, if we were to compare the Bull with his counterpart in Gemini, Taurus will rarely be a match to the flashing agility of the Twins.
Bestowed with an ability to be razor sharp, reflexive and very fast (especially in comparison to the Bull), Gemini and his quick changes can be quite baffling to the Bull.
Often alleged to possess a second life, an alter-ego, the Gemini may not hesitate in having fun at the expense of the noble Bull, who may not even realise initially that he/ she (Bull) is being made fun of. Not much is lost till the time Taurus doesn’t know that he/ she is being wronged, even duped by the quick witted, glib talker in Gemini.
But, then there comes the point, wherein Twins’ double talk or duplicity is revealed.
And then that it would be in the best interest of the spinning Twins to move away as far as possible from the Bull’s line of fire.
The natives born under the zodiac sign Taurus also tend to envy the Gemini’s alacrity and dexterity in communication. The Bull is dazzled and stumped, as he/ she sees how Gemini is blessed when it comes to juggling with words with such ease, leaving the listener in awe. But, little does the Bull realise that with the same sharp communication skills, Gemini also manages to deceive him or may be take him for a ride. To be fair to Gemini, it isn’t always that they will try (or want) to lie or present a rosier picture. But, it’s many a times without even their realising that they over-commit or over-present.
Bull’s take a long time to learn a lesson, but they take even longer (probably never) to forget it, or forgive a slight, an insult or a demeanour. And, they rarely overcome a set back or a deception ever. Forgiving isn’t an option in deception – since Bulls themselves are usually fair and honest, they come to expect the same from others.
The wound of a sting or a wound may heal over a period of time, but the Taurus will always remember the pain and how much of it they had had to endure.
Gemini, on the other hand, are different. Ones who need to blend their two sides seamlessly to present one bright, intelligent and candid persona, Gemini, despite his/ her mask, is unstoppable when it comes to moving, vacillating rather and shifting loyalties. Given to bearing too many viewpoints on the same subject, even contradictory, Gemini may keep changing his/her mind with such frequency and ease that a Bull may always be suspicious of him/ her.
Remember, Bulls are Not change oriented. It’s difficult for the Bull to even fathom why Gemini guys fail to think straight and stick to one opinion. And, this can often lead to discord between the two, because unless sure of the Twins’ motive, the Bull shall continue to look at him/ her (Gemini) as untrustworthy.
Differences galore! Even when they team up, the Bull and the Twins may find it hard to keep going.
There may be small, little differences on small, little issues. Gemini may always be viewed with suspicion, and the Bull may always be condemned as boring! The daring Gemini may fail to persuade the stubborn Taurus for an adventurous trip.
Inwardly, he/ she (Gemini) will also be able empathise with the Bull’s reluctance to venture for the unknown, because they know security means a world to them. But, to the fun and freedom loving Gemini, this may also seem plain and hugely unattractive. And, there will come times, where Bull shall refuse to co-operate, sulking and sniffing in anger, not ready to move, leaving Gemini exasperated.
The Taurus people would do well to know that they do have a lot to learn from the quick and bright Gemini. But what the Gemini has to teach, Taurus may find it difficult to grasp. Inwardly, Taurus would like to imitate Gemini on many counts, say for instance, being able to take life more casually, think faster and take up adventures with such a grand ease as Gemini.
The two are likely to stick together, if they realise there is a lot to learn from each other and, more importantly, if the one respects the other’s demand for peace, and be ready to allow him/ her (the Bull, usually) some personal space.