Taurus and Leo Love Compatibility

This is a square pair – in right angles to each other. So is it harmonious? Not likely. But, theirs is a relationship that startles many, especially those who don’t yet know who they (the Bull and the Lion) are! Much like any 4-10 relationship, these two are different, but they have a lot to learn from each other (is it any different, ever!). Nonetheless, this is an interesting pair, if nothing else.
Both are strong, both exemplify power and both are stubborn and egoistic. So, if these two make a couple, it’s a wonder how they ever came to love each other in the first place. Clearly, the Leo and Taurus don’t get along too well, maybe as opponents they will, but certainly not as spouses/ lovers or anything of the sort. What one needs, the other cannot provide.
The Bulls need a lot of loyalty and affection to feel that they are loved and appreciated, and the Lions need oodles of compliments and command worship and obedience to feel sure they are supreme and incomparable. Unless a divine miracle intervenes, this relationship will continue to brew trouble for both involved in it.
Yet, all is not lost! There can be great rewards, peace and harmony between the two, if they choose to demonstrate patience and selfless love towards each other. Their woes are aggravated by their differences mainly, because the Leo is too self-centred to give the Bull absolute devotion and obedience they stubbornly insist on getting.
The Bull, too, is obstinate and won’t indulge in implicit worship, which the Lion demands. In fact, these are the only demands each has, from the other (Bull or whosoever).
And, when one side knows what does it for the other, why not!
Then there will be times when the fiery Leo will seek Bull’s help to deal with a particular situation. The stable and clear-headed Bull will even lend a helping hand in finding a solution to the problem. But, the Lion may subtly rob the Bull of all the credit in the end. Not that the Bull bothers much about getting credit, as the last thing Bulls are interested in is personal glory. In fact, they usually only want mental peace, and may be some monetary appreciation. But, since the pattern keeps getting repeated in the Bull-Lion pair, the Bull may start feeling cheated.
When a Leo sits for days nurturing grand ideas, Bull delights in thinking about the monetary returns the scheme may get, if they too help execute the idea.
Taurus walk relentlessly on steady and straight path without worrying about the obstacles, they may have to face on the way.
They, in fact, are prepared for challenges, as they know every achievement comes with an attached price tag, and they have to accept certain limitations to attain success.
Leo people, on the other hand, are obsessively fond of freedom, know no limits and refuse to be tied down by undue restrictions. They are always determined, and it may never even occur to them that they cannot win. Even when they lose, Lions repeatedly tell themselves that they didn’t! And eventually, they come to believe that they didn’t. The Bulls are not accustomed to taking defeat either.
And, if they are to lose their money by undertaking a risky venture, the memory of that failure will linger on for a long time. None of the two will make a big deal about their loss, although both may shed a few silent tears in private. Neither approves of public admission of failure.
In a happy or mature pairing of the two Squarely aspected zodiac signs, over a period of time, the Bull’s patience will rub on to the Lion, and the latter will enjoy protecting his/ her Bull partner and showering gifts and courtesies. And, the Bull will secretly be pleased and grateful for the Lion’s protection and chivalry.