Taurus and Libra Love Compatibility

What makes the Taurus-Libra association seem extraordinary is their elements – Earth and Air. In fact, any behavioural reaction emanating from the two, whether during a strife or while bonding, can be studied on the basis of their birth elements. The stress on the element is primarily because an Earthy Taurus and an Airy Libra would rarely complement each other.
The Earth may seem more dangerous to the bystanders, because of its sheer mass. And, since it has so much pressure/ responsibility on it, it is also capable of causing widespread destruction, like in event of a quake. Air, on the contrary, may appear to be not capable of causing much harm, especially when compared to a crumbling solid mountain. But it’s only a misconception. People often forget that it’s the air that we breathe and it’s the air-driven typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes that have claimed most number of lives in the recent years. Moreover, when Earth and Air come together to cause mass destruction, the devastation can be beyond imagination. And, to get to the point, you can well imagine, what may ensue if the devastatingly potent Earth Taurus and Air Libra were to come together and strike each other.
To begin with, it’s a classic case of appearances are deceptive. Libra may appear passive, for all their charm and elegance, but they actually are not. At least, not benign! So, the Bull’s tendency to get things done its way and push around the Libra may never work. What harm can a sweet-looking Libra with expressive eyes and a dimpled smile do? Don’t fall into the trap. A Libra’s elegant manners are many a times a disguise to cover a sharp, lurking mind underneath. It’s a trick clever Libra use to read one’s mind with little resistance.
Libra is all about balance, and their own lives come foremost on this aspect too. One threat to this semblance, and Libra may flash a smile and get to the task with an unwavering fortitude – so much so that it may even scare a Bull. The Bull may not admit though, but he/ she knows when to trace back his/ her steps from the stern yet sweet and charming Libra’s path.
Bull’s obstinacy is viewed as immaturity or merely an obstacle by the internally strong Libra. Determined as they are to achieve their goals, the Libra people find their own way to deal with almost everyone, and still come out a winner. Getting one’s own way is all that counts to Libra. As for the Bull, they are the kind who will swiftly give in to the customs and convention of their community, not because they believe these laws are right, but to eschew social turmoil. They are too sure that disturbing the long-standing norms will disrupt peace and order, which they are determined to avoid at all cost.
The Taurus see no reason why anyone should muddy the waters or give wind to fire just to make a point. But Libra does! For them, winning an argument or proving themselves right, irrespective of how trifle the issue or how unimportant, is the very reason for their existence. And this fact is clearly symbolized by the Libra Scales – balanced and aligned in perfect harmony and justice.
So, while Libra debates on the colour of the bedroom, what dress to wear on which occasion and such other trivialities, the Bull feels exhausted by merely listening to his/ her Libra partner, contemplate over such decisions for hours. In the end, the Bull, tired, bored, frustrated or even bored, will go by whatever the Libra says – in complete submission, as long as it means peace is restored. Which shall be, given the Libra has his/ her way, thanks to his so called Socratic method of discussion! And, if Libra doesn’t – there is a problem. And, Bull can happily (rather angrily) decide to puff and sniff, but Libra may not budge, but shall remain unperturbed and poised to the world.