Taurus and Pisces Love Compatibility

Love and sensuality are best expressed through the language of poetry and music, and who knows it better than these two eternal romantics? Right; wrong? We smiles at this strange yet very intriguing meeting of the Earth and Water souls. Few would be ready to believe and even fewer would give it a shot – that the hopelessly rational and stable Bull will fall head over heels for an equally hopeless complacent dreamer Fish.
All may not be rosy, though, especially given the basic conflicting natures of the two, yet the final result can be a combination of such companionship that may be nothing short of startling.
Pisces, often characterised by duality and symbolised by two Fish swimming in opposite directions, represents the Pisces people’s inherent need to be in control. And, few know, but the Fish are control freaks, indeed! In another sense the symbol hints at the Fish’s inclination to swim effortlessly downstream with the current, instead of making the journey strained by swimming the other way round.
Born under the Water sign, a Pisces have a limitless desire to go beyond earthly knowledge and accomplish the yet unknown.
There are as many vagabonds, drug addicts, philanderers and alcoholics belonging to the Zodiac sign Pisces as there are creative geniuses, painters, writers and philanthropists. And, all have the same purpose in life. But what makes one different from the other is the kind of experience each one of them is able to gather from life.
This is where Taurus can be of help – in mammoth proportions!
With his practical ways to deal with problems, Taurus can convince the Fish of the reality that represents the tangible – real world. And thus, they are capable of bringing sanity to Fish’s otherwise floaty state of mind and reality. In short, Taurus, with his placid Earth rooted realism can become an anchor for an equally placid yet wavering Fish.
Initially, when the two meet, Taurus may find Pisces foolish, swimming away into an illusionary world, lost in daydreaming, without a purpose in life. The Fish, too, may show no particular liking for Taurus, who may seem to be threatening, stomping around with head full of rigid opinions. But, that’s the beginning!
What the Fish hates most about the Bulls is their lure for lucre. Money, to most Pisces people, is a bad five letter word. They detest the idea of having to constantly focus on how to earn money, plan budgets, save and spend wisely.
Inherently many a Fish dreams that the world would be a better place without money, and everybody would be much happier not having to deal with it all the time. But if they have to, out of compulsion, they would rather prefer someone else do the Math for them, and keep them updated about the stocks. And, the mature Fish may even have a tendency to get too miserly with the money – given their old age stinginess.
However, most Pisces may not see the point in accumulating excess cash; most of them would only worry about it when they don’t have it at all and their very existence is threatened.
The Bull, as we know, would dream of stacking bundles of moolah for building their empire in the future. And, both will have different spending choices and patterns. The saver in Bull may take a temporary flight of fancy to dress up and look good – Venus is their ruling planet. While the Fish may not understand this need at all. On the other hand, the stingy (sometimes) old being in Fish may spend like crazy on books and spiritual pursuits, which can be annoyingly useless for the Bull. Hence, comes the conflict!
But there is nothing wrong in being what you are.
For both the Fish and the Bull, it’s their very animal traits that bring out the best in them. An idle, extravagant Bull will always be an unhappy soul, as much as a sober, money-minded Fish. So, the beauty lies and comes out rather in a happy union of these two conflicting yet converging souls.
And, if they two join forces, they both can be what they are, and yet live a blissful life. Pisces can teach Taurus to be more imaginative in their money-making ways, and also teach them to share it with others. Taurus, on the other hand, can teach Pisces to remain grounded and save for personal security. After all, it’s always wise to save a little bit of wealth for a rainy day.
All in all, Taurus and Pisces are tolerant toward each other’s weaknesses – such would be the love, attraction and empathy between the two. But the Bull, as we know, is too stubborn to let the Fish lurch in self-deception. It will force the Fish to face the reality, which the Fish will resist with all its might. This may often lead them into an argument, which either will win.