Taurus and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

In the relationship between a Taurus and Sagittarius, both the zodiac signs may remain perpetually confused about what the other wants out of life. The Bull, in its (although not very fast, on its own) run for a win, will neither slow down its pace for the half-horse, half-man – the Archer, nor wait for it to catch up. Besides, the Archer will not really be interested in winning anything, as they are always off travelling from one place to other. Winning is rarely an agenda for them, you see. It’s almost as if they are trying to make a career out of travelling, wandering rather, and they even achieve it by pursuing hard. Hence, begins this strange relationship – With their absolutely differing takes on the life, what with Bull’s conservative approach vis-a-vis Archer’s unconventional wisdom and know it all approach, they make a strange pair.
Moreover, when the Sagittarius is more in his/ her animal elements, the practical Bull is liable to find this amusing. In such circumstances, a loving Bull may even feel the need to protect his/ her Sagittarius partner, who does come across as well-meaning and cheerful in his Horse avatar.
However, once the human side of the Archer comes to the fore, it sure leaves the Bull bewildered and aghast. This is because when the Bull sees the Archer fighting fiercely, too unlike him, taking on every opponent one-by-one, defeating them all. It is when the Bull is lost, and can’t guess whether to cheer the Archer or be scared of him. Besides, the Bull cannot fathom how the cheerful half-horse could have possessed such warrior instincts, threatening to topple the solid fabric of custom. The Bull instantly puts himself on guard, and views the half-Archer Sagittarius as enemy.
Bulls seldom change their opinion for and about anyone, but in this case, if they don’t change their view of the Sagittarius it’s pretty much the end of their relationship. The Sagittarius too cannot tolerate the Bull’s inclination to stay in gloom and spread his/ her (Bull’s) contagious sombre mood. The eternal optimist in the Sagittarius dislikes and disregards Bull’s tendency to see everything in such practical light, for – for the Sagittarius it spells doom for his mindless, floating in the air flights of fantasies. Every Sagittarius is a thorough optimist at heart, and would like to believe that everything will fall in place. He may even be inclined to shed dramatic tears, when things don’t go as per their plan! The rational Bull, on the contrary, does not expect anything to happen on its own, and will labour hard till the objective has been accomplished. And, he may see such Sagittarius tendencies as juvenile or irritating. This is one reason why the two would rarely be indulging in a mutual undertaking.
Always on the move, a Sagittarius person also happens to trip-up a lot, and the Taurus thinks it serves them right, for they are always gazing at the sky, shooting arrows into the future. But once in a while, the noble Taurus, whose eyes are always fixed to the ground, will show some pity and help the Sagittarius out of the pothole, and may sometimes even forewarn the Saggi about a hidden, probable trap.
Despite all such glaring differences, the Earth and the Air beings may end up seeing some attracting similarities in each other. Both Taurus and Sagittarius can identify an imposter a mile away, and neither will pretend to be nice and or tell a lie to save face. The famed Sagittarius candour that can be true to the point of being embarrassing comes to fore in these very situations, and here is when the two can team up to humiliate the devious by their words alone!
Here’s a very good aspect that may make the two of them stick together – If there’s a harmonious Sun-Moon aspect between them, the relationship may be very fortunate in terms of financial prosperity, and they may become millionaires in no time. And not just that, they will do strikingly well in any scheme involving money, either of their own or someone else’s. we recommends the Bull and the Archer to shun their differences and come together at least in a professional or business relationship. However, while the Taurus will secure his share in a bank, the Sagittarius may be inclined to spend it all!