Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio may be immoderately different in their peculiar traits, which, in fact, all sun signs are, but they are one of the few combinations, or perhaps the only, that get along very well with each other. Sorry, the word is marvellously well with each other. But every relation commands equal efforts from both sides. Both Taurus and Scorpio will have to set aside their obstinacy and ego issues to ensure their relation is a beautiful and lasting one replete with understanding and a strong liking for each other.
In torrid times, like when there is a negative aspect between their Suns and Moons, they will be powerful opponents ready to kill each other at the drop of a hat. And unless both are willing to show some tolerance and compassion, the pandemonium will continue to rip them apart. It doesn’t take either of them much time to realise that with only a wee bit of selflessness and love, they can change their destinies and live happily ever after.
Quiet surprisingly, both the sun signs secretly imitate each other. For good or evil, Scorpio wants to be everything that the Taurus is and vice-versa. And both would rather wish they were dead than admit this openly.
Scorpions live in two different worlds – one in which they desire to be in, free of limitations and beyond the ordinary, and the material world of the mortals. And they are amazingly good at concealing this virtual world of theirs by wearing a mask of cold practicality. But few know that beneath the superficial detachment of the Scorpio lies a sea of emotions. However, the Taurus do know this.
The Bull is not two-faced and does desire to have a dual personality either; it makes life less complicated for these peace-loving beings. The only world it lives in is the only world it knows – Earth, and it is not a coincidence that earth is also its key element. Nobody can change them from what they are born to be, veritable mountains of dependability, patience and determination. The inner calm and emotional strength they possess is envied by many, most especially by the Pluto-ruled Scorpio, who can only pretend to own the qualities.
The Bull, on the other hand, would even go out of its way to gain Scorpion’s ability to read, without any calculation, a person’s mind.
The Taurus would love to just peek into a person’s soul and learn about all their secrets. But alas, it lacks the ability to do so. So, when these two come together with the understanding to achieve mutual benefits, whether in business or love, they are bound to inspire awe in others. A blend of their qualities can make the most impossible mission possible.
One of the qualities Taurus possesses and which the Scorpio lacks, is a sense of ridicule. The Taurus will crack jokes to attract crowd and then go a step further and make a mockery of themselves. This wins them the adoration of everyone who will feel, for a brief moment, that they aren’t aware of their own vulnerability. Filled with too much pride, a Scorpio would never commit such a mistake. Few Scorpions would find it hilarious when giggles are at their own expense.
But both abhor being questioned by curious people as they cherish their privacy. Also, both are very loyal when it comes to commitment in a relationship. When Taurus and Scorpio say yes to each other, it’s a start of one solid, beautiful relationship.